Data Analytics & Data Science

Business, Human, Environment - We live in a world of data and rules more than ever. The use of daily, weekly, and monthly analytical monitoring to determine patterns in business data is common: identifying what we are doing well, determining how well we can do it, and identifying problems before they take effect. Damage may occur. Data Analytics is as easy as finding fake payments on accounts payable or estimating sales patterns to determine the best location for a warehouse. Data analytics can also complicate the identification of statistical outlays for potential fraudulent activity. It can use a single spreadsheet or extract data from multiple platforms and formats.

Data science and advanced quantitative modeling are at the heart of our offering as a boutique consulting firm. Our scientists hold advanced degrees in high-dimensional and diverse fields in mathematics, engineering, operational research, finance, etc. from some of the best schools in the world. By combining this expertise with a deep understanding of the business problem, we can translate business needs into an analytical framework. Mainstream tools include R, SAS, SPSS, Python and SQL, but special models require niche tools such as Bugs, GAUSS, CART, MATLAB, CPLEX and GAMS. For data visualization, we used table, spot fire and custom excel visualization.