In today’s world handling complex data is the most challenging task for any business, Active Directory Repository Services is used to handle complex and important data at the Client place with ease. ADRS is dynamic, configurable tool that takes your SAP business processes from the back office to the portal, allowing you to extend the reach of your SAP business processes and get more from your SAP investment. ADRS allows you to web-enable key transactions that were previously only accessible through the SAP GUI. All of your business logic, data checks, and dynamic actions are reinforced through ADRS so you don’t spend time developing what you have already configured.

ADRS is fast to implement and its unique configurable screens and processes mean that, unlike other portal-based solutions, you don’t have to rely on costly developers or programming. ADRS intuitive interface and tight integration with SAP speeds user adoption and reduces training costs. With ExalerateCi, you see results faster. Anid’s ADRS helps the Customers to handle the complex and important data Like:

  • The Employee Data
  • The Customer Data
  • The Vendor Data