Cloud Services

If you are looking for a prominent Cloud computing service Company, Anid Infosoft is the right fit for you. Being full-fledged in IT infrastructure management & transformational services, we provide numerous cloud computing services for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform,We have a pool of extremely qualified, proficient software engineers, who work around the clock to deliver the custom build services and policies that help transform large, medium, enterprises who are planning their move to the Cloud.

Cloud Strategy & Consulting Services

Our cloud consulting offerings are designed to support you through your decision-making process that ensure you ask all the right questions, get clinical answers upfront, and make informed cloud and IT decisions that will help you accomplish your business objectives.

  • Cloud Transformation
  • Strategy Roadmap
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Architecture Advisory
  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation
  • Security & Compliance

Cloud Migration & Management Services

With our cloud migration services, we help you in digital transformation and making the move to the cloud with the right strategy, roadmap, methodology, and ecosystem collaborations. Our cloud migration services offer a comprehensive solution for getting your business to the cloud, so you can start reaping the rewards of cloud infrastructure right away, powered by a robust cloud migration framework.

  • Application and Data Migration
  • Architecture Assessment
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud-native Capabilities
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

Anid Infosoft Cloud Compute Services:

Anid Infosoft Helps in recognizing business and IT requirements for Cloud strategies At Anid Infosoft we help our clients to Plan, build, host and extend your application on Iaas and Paas Our Cloud Developers can help you develop cloud apps using micro services as the Architecture

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Amazon Web Services (AWS):

Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing platform which provides services such as compute power, database storage, content delivery and many other functions which will help to integrate a business. The Amazon Web Services is flexible, scalable, and reliable and due to this many companies are implementing it in their work. There is no upfront cost and the customer has to pay only for what they have used. It is one of the leading cloud service providers among all.

Anid’s AWS-Amazon Web Services:

At Anid We provide end-to-end services for companies that build critical cloud solutions using Amazon Web Services. Our deep expertise and documentation and effective processes mean that we provide you with the fastest time possible with AWS, whether it's migrating to AWS for the first time, providing 24 x 7 controls over your AWS environments, or directing your AWS business solutions. Value through automation and analytics.

Our Amazon Web Services team handles many credentials with an experience that captures the entire AWS environment. With Anid on your team, you will have the best talent in the industry that works to help you develop and refine your cloud strategy, embrace new technology, leverage your road map and make the service quality more consistent.

We help our customers to get access to highly durable AWS storage such as Amazon Glacier, Amazon S3, and Amazon EBS. We also help in handling high-performance database such as Amazon Redshift, Amazon Dynamo DB, Amazon ElastiCache and Amazon RDS.

Anid’s Microsoft Azure:

At Anid We provide end-to-end services and products for companies that build critical business solutions that are looking to leverage Microsoft Azure capabilities and traditional capabilities. Sun cloud’s Microsoft Azure industry-proven solutions can help you in all stages of cloud maturity and operating life, whether it is Azure first, expanding your team with 24 × 7 operating controls for your Azure locations, or leading business value through automation and analytics use Azure's traditional cloud capabilities.