RRUM is a comprehensive upgrade methodology that addresses the challenges posed by emerging ERP technologies and new functionality requirements while tackling the common issues of an upgrade projects. RRUM facilitates tailoring of offerings to cater to individual customer needs.

Why Anid RRUM?

AnidInfosoft RRUM provides its customers with a robust upgrade methodology to confidently approach an upgrade project. RRUM uses a step-by-step approach to avoid missing critical steps in an upgrade project and to prevent duplicate effort. RRUM estimates time, cost and resource requirements early in the project eliminating any guess work in the planning stage. With an extensive pool of subject matter experts (SME’s) with in-depth knowledge and expertise in ERP applications, AnidInfosoft can help its customers reap maximum return on investment in an upgrade project.

Scope of RRUM

RRUM is a thorough, end-to-end solution that connects all steps involved in an upgrade project in an integrated environment. It offers an easy to comprehend dashboard view of the following stages:

  • Planning and scoping upgrades
  • Project management
  • Release evaluation
  • Technical execution
  • Configuration/development tracking
  • Functional
  • Security
  • Validation
  • Testing
  • Issues tracking
  • Change management
  • End user training