DevOps Services

Anid Infosoft DevOps services span across the entire application development life cycle and can be applied for any category of applications, be it a digital customer facing systems to large enterprise application. We approach towards DevOps emphasize on communication, collaboration, integration and automation, and hence removes bottlenecks from the development phases and ensures agile delivery of innovation with highest quality. As part of our DevOps services, we help our customers discover the benefits from technology advances that drive continuous delivery. This will be followed by the implementation of necessary tools that support the continuous integration, continuous testing and continuous delivery. We bring the right complementary capabilities like agile for iterative and incremental development, cloud for on-demand workload management, appropriate architectural options for quick setup and efficient operations, and security features for greater resilience and less vulnerability.

We leverage cloud platform specific tools along with other industrial tools to realize the end-to-end DevOps ecosystem. We have developed and deployed DevOps infrastructure for MS Azure, AWS, and GCP platforms. Kubernetes is essential for DevOps implementation as it automate, scale and build resiliency into the applications while minimizing the infrastructure burden.

The following are key reasons why Kubernetes is essential for a DevOps implementation as

  • Provides the ability to deploy everywhere
  • By running infrastructure and configuration as a code
  • Hybrid – can run anywhere on-premises, in the cloud, and on the edge
  • Follows open standards
  • Enables deployments with no downtime (blue-green deployments), and
  • Immutability – containers can be stopped, redeployed, and restarted on the fly with minimal impact.